9 reasons why remain single



Most of the time we accept external pressures to enter or not to leave a relationship. Sometimes this pressure comes from family and other times from the dominant culture and our friends. However, there are 9 reasons why remain single by Athens escorts! So it is worth thinking about them before you rush into a relationship.

1. Clichés about free people are obsolete

At first, some people assume that when someone is not in a relationship, they are probably antisocial, unattractive, selfish or immature. Therefore, you may feel pressured into a relationship, even if you do not really want to or even if you have not found the right partner. But the reality is that free people can also be successful, extremely charismatic and completely selfless, while at the same time they have decided that they do not want a relationship. So, try to shake off this stereotype.

2. You may not have loved yourself yet

It is often said, but it is true: You can not really love someone else until you learn to love yourself. If you are still struggling with self-esteem or knowing yourself, it is worth staying out of the relationship for a while. This way, if or when you decide to find a partner, you will be able to move forward as a self-sufficient person who will appreciate himself and know his needs.

3. You may not be happy yet

In relation to the above, there are so many people who rush into a relationship, hoping that they will fix their problems or that they will feel happy that way. But just like with self-esteem, you need to learn how to be happy on your own so that you do not burden your relationship with this burden. So take the time to find out how you really want your life to be! Also, focus on discovering activities that you can enjoy on your own.

4. It gives you freedom

It is also important to remember that there are pros and cons to being engaged in a relationship. The spontaneity that is given to you along with your bachelor life should not be taken for granted. You can spend your money as you wish, live as you wish, arrange last minute trips and take into account only your own desires. Perhaps, this is the right time to start enjoying the freedom that you might have regretted if you had left it sooner.

5. You may carry weight from the past

When you have a hard time finding something you really want, like love, it often happens because you still carry strong negative feelings about it. If you are alone enough to process your feelings and thoughts about your past relationships, you will be able to attract and commit to a tender, firm connection with a new person.

6. Friendships are just as valuable

Yes, of course you can maintain your friendships, as long as you have a relationship, but the more important relationships you have, the harder it will be to keep in touch with everyone in the future. So one reason to be alone may be that you already feel full of your friendships. And, unlike romance, those friendships allow you complete autonomy in your life choices.Friendships and family relationships are what are left behind when you are in a relationship. That’s why when you are single you can make up for lost time and spend time with these people.

7. There are unhealthy reasons you are looking for a relationship

Another reason to be alone for a while is that you may not be motivated by a genuine desire for love. You may want to make an ex jealous, you may find it difficult to be alone or you may want to be the same as the rest of the social group to which you belong. Whatever the well-hidden reason, until you are able to seek love itself, you will not be able to find the companionship that will be right for you.

8. Single life allows exploration

This may mean that you have the freedom to date without commitments or it may mean literal exploration, like travelling around the world. Whatever it is, single life offers us the opportunity to taste a little of the many and varied experiences that life has to offer us. This pushes us towards personal growth. It also reduces the risk of regret if you decide to enter into a serious relationship.

There is a possibility that your vision will conflict with the present. Everything you have built so far, friendships, work, personal relationship with yourself, is under strong consideration and require destruction and / or reconstruction. You choose and you hold, you choose and you reject, you choose and you acquire. This is the last fort that will fall and one phrase only fits to avoid the ruins: redefining the course; turn right.

9. Relationships may not be your priority

Finally, if you are passionate about your job, business or hobby, you will be happy as you channel your creative energy into them, instead of exhausting those resources in a relationship with a heavy heart. It is perfectly normal and healthy to be interested in other things as well. The most important thing here is the authenticity of your being and the attitude of honesty towards your real desires.

You can work without thinking that you are wasting time with your partner. But also, sometimes relationships hold you back. You do not have to think about the other, but also about what you have arranged together. So, you focus on work and you become more productive! You can do hobbies with your relationship, but you usually want time for yourself and him alone. So, starting a new hobby may not be your priority when you are in a relationship, but if you are single you can devote yourself at your favorite hobby.

Some people know what it means to be single and to have it as a philosophy of life according to escorts call girls. For you, it is not a break between relationships, but your usual situation. For others, it is a rare occurrence, since when one relationship ends, they move on to the next and can not be left alone at all. And of course there are singles who are not excited about the situation and are waiting to meet love to get them out of this awkward situation.

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